Windows made from PVCU

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PVCU windows are a versatile window that can fit any window specifications. This product is extremely durable, tough, easy to clean and low maintenance making it a perfect product to use for PVCU windows Essex, a window style that does not need much upkeep at all to keep it looking smart and new.

This window style when it first came on to the market only came in one choice of colour and that was white, now however the range has been expanded and it is available in a variety of colours to suit any style of home or owners requirements, although white still remains the most popular colour for many.

Glazed PVCU Windows

Glazing PVCU windows give you a wide range of glazing options. Not only can you get double glazed windows now, you can also get triple glazed layers to your window style. You are able to choose from open out casement windows, fully reversible centre pivot windows and tilt and turn window styles.

Glazing your PVCU windows provides you with a bright and attractive window style that will keep you safe and warm over the cold English winter and keep your energy bills downs.

Sash PVCU Windows

Sash windows are some of the most popular styles of windows on the market and are created with authenticity and style in mind. The new style of Sash window has been designed so they look indistinguishable from the original timber Sash widows and are sympathetic to the traditional sash window features. They still have the elegance and style that the traditional Sash window offer but are now much more energy efficient for your property keeping the warmth in and the cold out.

Security of PVCU Windows

Security is a big concern for home owners with intruders generally gaining entry through windows even when they are closed as the glass can easily be broken or the panes of glass jimmied open. Most windows have weak points making them easy for burglars to gain entry, but by installing PVCU windows you will make an intruder’s job much harder as these window styles are made of un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, a tougher substance that is harder to break than glass. These windows are the most secure type of window on the market today due to a combination of the toughness of the PVCU window as well as the multi-point locking technology and the double or triple glazing glass for this extra added protection.

Benefits of PVCU Essex windows include:

  • Cost – PVCU windows are an affordable option for installing new or replacing existing windows.
  • Maintenance – These low maintenance style windows are remarkable low in maintenance and are easy to clean.
  • Security – They are robust and resilient with the frames constructed to make them difficult to break or damage
  • Durable – With a 10 year guarantee you can be assured your windows with last
  • Energy Efficient – A great insulator that will keep the heat in and the sound out.