Window Glass Replacement

For Essex homeowners, most reasons for window glass replacement are obvious: cracks, breaks or condensation between double panes make it clear that a window needs to be replaced. But there are a couple of other, less obvious reasons to get replacement windows in Essex, particularly single-pane windows.

Single glazed window glass replacement

  • Single glazing makes it much harder for your house to stay warm in the winter.
  • In fact, 60% of heat loss happens through standard single-pane windows.
  • Replacing your Essex windows with double-pane windows is an investment that pays for itself quickly in savings on heating bills, which can drop by 10% or more after double pane windows are installed.

Advantages of window glass replacement

Window glass replacement with double glazing also cuts down on noise pollution, condensation on the inside of windows, as well as carbon dioxide emissions from the home. Frames for double pane windows include unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC), wood, and aluminium and they can be had in a wide range of colours. Double-pane windows add to the beauty and value of homes, while making them more secure. Burglars are well aware that single pane windows are far easier to break than double pane windows.

Getting replacement windows, Essex

Switching out your single pane windows in Essex for double pane replacements may seem simple in theory, but in practice, it is a job for an experienced professional. The professionals may make it look easy, but in reality, there are a number of skills involved in replacing windows that take years of experience to perfect.

The first part of the process is removal of outside and inside trim. If older windows that use sash weights and open weight pockets were used, removing the stops is necessary to allow the sashes to be removed from the framing.

Once all this is done, the rough opening must be made ready for the new windows. This may involve making the opening smaller by blocking in the rough opening and rechecking that the rough opening is of the correct dimensions, and both square and level. If the frame must be made larger, studs and headers must be removed, and new studs and headers will be installed to accommodate the new, larger opening.

The new double glazed window unit is lifted into place and temporarily secured. Then the jambs must be made plumb, and the new window must be levelled. The diagonals on each window frame opening must be equal to ensure that the window is installed without twisting so it will operate properly. Then the new window is secured in place.

Trim must be reinstalled or created new, and insulation is applied around the new window. But it is important not to put in so much insulation that the new frame can be bowed, which would make it impossible to operate the new window. The interior wall is repaired if necessary by replacing lost plaster or interior wall board to the edge of the new unit and sealing up any cracks.

Finally the new window is installed and ready for new trim and finishing.

Window glass replacement, particularly replacing single pane windows with new double pane windows, is a specialised process, but the results are well worth it for Essex homeowners. Not only will your house’s appearance be enhanced, but energy savings, increased security and protection from noise will make it an investment that pays off over both the short and long term.

Experienced window companies in Essex will ensure that the job is done correctly so that your new windows will look their best and function properly for many years to come. Castle Glass has many years of experience in installing replacement windows Essex, so give us a call now.

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