What Conservatory is Right for You?

Whether you’d like to enjoy nature without freezing to the bone or just need more room for your children to play in, a conservatory is the perfect way to extend your living space and bring the outdoors right inside, but what conservatory do you choose? There are so many choices of style and material available now, so you want to make sure that you choose a conservatory that complements your home and your life style for years to come.

What conservatory will suit your home?

  • There are various sizes, materials and designs that will help you match your new conservatory with your home.
  • You can choose from various materials that go into the framing of your glass conservatory such as PVCu, aluminium and wood. .
  • Each of these materials has their advantages and disadvantages, and the decision of what conservatory material to choose is best made after carefully considering which best suits your needs and budget.

What conservatory is best for low maintenance?

What conservatory do you choose if you want the minimum of upkeep? PVCu or aluminium are probably your best bets.

PVCu conservatories are very cost-effective, and you can choose from various colours and styles including wood finish. PVCu framing is also quite sturdy if it is thick and usually sports additional reinforcement through steel or aluminium box sections from the inside. PVCu does not provide the same warmth as real wood, but if you are on a budget then this material is ideal. PVCu is also rust proof and hardly requires any maintenance at all.

An aluminium conservatory is another option which is rust proof and almost maintenance free. It is also quite sturdy and imparts a modern feel to your home. However, aluminium will not be able to insulate you well from heat or cold and if you live in extreme weather conditions then it might not be as suitable. Aluminium is also costlier than PVCu, though it is cheaper than wood.

What conservatory is best for a traditional look?

upvc windows and doors

What conservatory material do you go for if you’re concerned about keeping the traditional look of your home? Wood or timber conservatories might be more costly, but they will enhance the appearance of any traditional or period home.

Wood is also an excellent insulator and you can sit snugly in your chair during winter, especially if you also install double-glazed glass within those wooden frames. You can either stain your wood conservatory with different finishes or paint them to match the colour of your home. Wood does require periodic maintenance and you will need to paint or stain it regularly so as to ensure that it does not rot in the coming years.

A conservatory can help you to merge nature with your own home. You can enjoy periods of solitude or have collective fun with family and friends in a safe and sheltered manner. A little effort on your part along with the help of the right conservatory designer will help you choose the right conservatory to complement your home.

Whether it is sitting outside your home in winter without feeling the direct effect of freezing cold, getting your daily dose of Vitamin D in summer, or even lazily reading a book while listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops on your conservatory, you can now do so with a simple extension to your home.

What conservatory material you choose is up to you, but whichever it is you are sure to enjoy years of service while also having fun in your glass castle.

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