uPVC Doors for Quality and Security

House with uPVC door

Have you been thinking about getting a uPVC door? Castle Glass based in Essex has been installing doors, windows, conservatories and more for over 40 years.

For high quality doors that offer a range of styles, colours and materials that suit all budgets and home styles then look no further than us. We can come to you whether you are in Essex or further afield.

First impressions count and as uPVC doors are expertly crafted they will complement the aesthetics of any home, offer security to keep you, your family along with your treasured possessions safe and secure. We will find a door that is just right for you and your home.

Ways to Save Money

Due to the durability of a uPVC door,you will find they are relatively maintenance free along with being long lasting. The materials used in these doors have proven to have a major impact on reducing your electricity bill so also helping the environment.

Research shows energy bills can be reduced by up to 15% just by replacing your existing doors along with the double glazing option. Double glazing is proving to be the most popular choice for customers over recent years.

Another benefit of these doors to save you money is they have been better insulated than their counter-part wooden doors. They fit better, so eliminate draughts, they stop the cold and damp from getting into your home and in turn will stop warm air from escaping, making them environmentally friendly.

As more people are opting for home improvements over moving house a cost-effective way to add real tangible value to your property is with a beautiful, energy efficient and bespoke door, in a colour and style to suit.

Security Benefits

One of the main benefits to owning a uPVC door is the greater level of home security you have compared to a traditional wooden door. With features like multi-point locking, sturdy hinges and toughened safety glass for added safety and security you do not need to look anywhere else.

Inside these doors is a core of galvanized steel, this makes them extremely hard to break down. Even a crowbar cannot break down these doors making an intruder’s job extremely difficult to force them open, so chances are they will not even try.

Noise Reduction

Another of the many benefits to owning a uPVC door is the reduction in outside noise. When you have a well-insulated door you no longer will get the loud noise of cars driving by or hearing conversations of passer-by’s which can be a real problem in some area.

To find out more from this Essex based company and their large range of uPVC doors simply give Castle Glass a call to discuss your options, they will make sure you find a door that’s just right for your home and your budget plus offer you top class service and workmanship to go with it!