Timber Windows: Give Your Home a Traditional Look

Wooden windowsOver the past few years, timber windows have been gaining popularity among end users and designers. According to the Greenpeace, they are by far the best environmental choice. In addition to their classic good looks, here are few advantages you stand to gain when using a timber window in your property.

Timber Windows: Advantages

Timber windows are a great way to restore the original features in any character property. They are ideal for both commercial and domestic applications. The classic and traditional designs allow users to provide their homes with style and character affordably. The advantages also include:

  • Cost-effective and aesthetic for domestic and commercial applications
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain
  • The best insulator against cold and heat conditions
  • These windows can provide maximum ventilation and light in any room
  • The multi-point security-locking system prevents any kind of pets, pests and intruders entering your home
  • Timber window solutions come in a variety of sizes and patterns

In addition to the above mentioned advantages modern timber window designs can provide an unrestricted view from upper storeys and penthouses. Timber windows can drain water outside, preventing any spillage indoors. The system is available in a range of sizes and the largest window solution available in the market is long enough to cover the entire length of a huge balcony. You can also get customised designs on request.

The solution is weather-enduring and long lasting compared to any other material in use. The product is also Eco friendly and helps reduce individual carbon footprint as it is a natural absorber of carbon.

Finding the best timber window dealer in Essex

If you are looking for a good timber window dealer in Essex, you have found the right place. At Castle Glass, we offer superior quality products that come with manufacturers’ warranties. We also offer installation and other maintenance services.

We can supply timber windows in a range of designs and styles to suit your taste. Our windows are manufactured using the most modern technologies and are built to last. To get timber windows for your property, contact us today.