The benefits of being well Insulated

Double Glazing as a minimum is a must for all windows these days especially when you live in the United Kingdom due to the cold and changeable weather conditions we experience. Essex double glazing companies can install new windows to your home along with replacing existing windows and repairing any windows that may need it.

Windows and roof spaces are the main areas of your home that are cooler than the rest of your house, and can let in cold air, more so in colder weather. A large majority of heat is lost through windows and un-insulated roofs which is why it is important to have these spaces fitted with the right windows or having installation in your roof to keep you home cosy and warm

Whether you choose double or triple glazing in your home it is the answer you need to keep your home warm throughout the winter months and cool in the summer months. The added benefits include of double glazing include:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Cosier home through no heat loss
  • Peaceful and quite from the inside and out
  • Safe and secure to keep you and your family safe
  • Smaller carbon footprint on the planet

Double glazed windows have added features of specific locking mechanisms built into the windows that allow your window to be left open during the day and night but still be able to remain safe. These additional features included within the locking system are:

  • A superior hinge lock guard
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Top latch plate
  • Key locks
  • Automatic locking handles
  • A bottom latch plate
  • Night and Day vent position

Have you always wanted to do your bit to save the planet? Well now you can when you install Essex double glazing or triple glazing to your windows. By installing these windows you generate less of the CO2’s that lead to global warming issues. So not only will you be saving yourself money on your ever increasing energy bills you have the added benefit of reducing your carbon footprint on the planet.

If you live on a busy street or have a lot of traffic passing, then the constant interruption of noise can be frustrating, however installing double glazed windows will make a huge difference to the amount of noise you hear. Not only can you enjoy a more peaceful home you can be assured your noises are not being transmitted to the outside world too.

No matter which type of windows you choose to have installed you can feel assured your home with be safe and warm and you can relax in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to save the planet. There are many different options available on the market today so why not speak to an expert to find what works best for your home and your budget.