Suffolk Double Glazed Windows

Windows in double glazingDouble-glazed windows are simply those with an extra pane of glass added into the frame. They are spaced slightly apart and hermetically sealed, with a small pocket of air between the glass. Sometimes, inert gases such as krypton or argon are sealed between the two panes as a part of double glazing.

Castle glass offers Double Glazing for windows that can reduce the amount of heat that escapes the home. Up to 50 percent of a home’s heat escapes through the windows as they are much less insulated than the surrounding walls. As part of our glazing services in Suffolk, we also offer replacement windows can cut heating bills dramatically, especially in parts of the house that require the most heating.

The configuration of double glazed windows severely retards the flow of heat through them. The gap between the panes forms an insulating medium, with effectiveness varying, depending upon what it is filled with. Desiccating materials tend to be added as well, which keep out moisture and prevent the growth of rot or fungus in your double glazed window.

Replacement Windows Benefit from Glazing Services

Replacing windows in the home typically means one of two things: they have become damaged or they are no longer efficient enough for the homeowner’s satisfaction. Either way, double glazing can provide benefits both in heating costs and resale value, and prudent Suffolk home owners should consider such options when looking to refurbish their homes. Castle Glass offers double-glazing services for fixed, sliding and hinged windows, tailored to match the specific needs of the home.