Services Glaziers Offer

You may have heard that glaziers can do great things for your home and even save you some money, but do you know what services are actually offered by glaziers? Essex homeowners are missing out on great opportunities to make their home more energy efficient and even add decorative elements if they don’t know what a glazier can do.

Glaziers glaze windows and doors

Glaziers provide a couple of different services which take old, worn out, or otherwise inefficient windows and make them a lot more energy efficient. This is done either through secondary glazing or double glazing by glaziers. Essex homeowners can really benefit from the energy savings on their heating bills.

Double glazing is a process where the glass in a window is doubled with a thin line of air between them. The window will not look much different from any other window but this design blocks out more cold air and prevents drafts which often make rooms with windows more difficult to heat and cool.

Glaziers can perform double glazing on any window so that less air leaks into the home and the heating unit doesn’t have to work very hard. This in turn delivers a reduction in energy bills and benefits for the environment.

Double glazing is extremely efficient at insulating windows, but there is a lower priced alternative that you may select if you are trying to stick to a budget. This is called secondary glazing and involves insulating the frame of the window, rather than the glass. Glass panels are secured into the frame and then metal is used to seal them into place. This is an efficient process that can reduce drafts from the window, but secondary glazing tends to be less effective than double glazing.

Finally, a glazier can replace the glass in broken windows so you don’t have to replace the entire frame in many instances. In fact, a broken window may be the right opportunity to get double glazed windows or other services that will make them more efficient than they were before they were broken.

Of course glaziers can also offer all the same services for doors as they do when they glaze windows.

Glaziers fit conservatories

  • Conservatory fitting is also undertaken by most glaziers.
  • Essex homeowners can benefit from having a customer designed conservatory.
  • They can help you design a style of conservatory that fits your home and lifestyle perfectly and then follow the entire process through for you, from cutting the panels to installing the conservatory.

Other services offered by glaziers

Glaziers Essex

Besides making windows more energy efficient and perhaps avoiding the cost of replacing older windows, decorative accents can also be added to your home by glaziers. Essex homeowners can expect a glazier to cut splashbacks, mirrors, glass tops for tables, shower screens and safety glass for them.

Glaziers can also provide customised services for special projects in your home. The best services can work with windows and outside glass as well as inside creating a back splash in the kitchen or a decorative accent in the living room. If you are considering a special project and you aren’t sure who to turn to for the service, give your Essex glaziers a call. Chances are they can help you at reasonable cost or refer you to a specialist suitable to your project.

The great thing about hiring glaziers is they will cut all materials to the exact dimensions of your house. Rather than trying to work with pre-designed or pre-cut materials glaziers create custom pieces specific to your home.

Castle Glass are specialist glaziers. Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire are all served by us and we offer all the above mentioned services.