Sash Windows Essex

Sash windows are often found in Georgian and Victorian style homes with the classic sash window having three panes across and two up on each sash window, giving you six panes of glass in each panel. Although in saying this there are now plenty of not classic but custom made sash windows around in varying styles. Each sash window is held in place with counterweights concealed within the window frame. The weights are connected to the window by a sash cord that runs like a pulley at the top of the frame. Any window with this style is technically a sash window however the term is used mostly when it refers to a window where the glazed panels slide vertically or horizontally to open.

Sash Windows in houseThe construction of sash windows is made using softwood, they are single glazed as double glazing has only been around since the early 1980’s. As you can image the problem with making a window out of softwood is the rot, the swelling and distortion of the wood over time, they can rattle and have shrinkage making them high maintenance and draughty, but they do compliment an older style building and have an appeal to them that is now classic with the older period homes.

Sash windows Essex are found around this area in the larger older buildings Essex has to offer, however they are becoming just as popular in new builds. By using the sash window in a new build has seen this window style redesigned and made with an PVC surround instead of softwood, making these older draughty style windows more energy efficient but still keeping their appeal.

By being able to open the top and the bottom of sash windows by equal amounts makes these windows efficient to cooling down the inside of your home during the summer months. This equal opening option allows the warm air to escape out the top of the window while the cooler air is drawn in through the bottom window.

Double glazing with the new uPVC sash windows is an option giving you the best of both worlds. They not only look great but they are energy efficient to keeping in more warm air and less draughts in the cooler months but still allowing the air flow in the warmer months. Being uPVC you can choose your sash windows in any colour or design to suit your style of home, something to compliment your tastes and your home.

The double-glazed sash windows are virtually indistinguishable from the originals however in listed period building it is still difficult if not impossible to get councils to give permission for these new, well-made UPVC windows to be installed.

Castle Glass has been around for nearly 40 years supplying windows and doors to private and commercial properties. They offer exceptional service and are only a phone call away. Whatever material or style of window you choose, the quality of their workmanship at Castle Glass Essex is second to none.