PVCu Windows, Braintree

PVCu windows are a popular choice among our customers in Braintree and other areas as they are beginning to see the benefits of having one installed in their house. Unlike timber and metal windows, PVCu windows are durable and they have a long working life. They do not rot, crack, warp or rust and maintain their looks and finish for many, many years.

PVCu windows also do not ask for regular maintenance, painting or weatherproofing. GentleWindows in PVCu wipe with warm soapy water can do the trick and keep your windows looking as good as new. As PVCu windows offer excellent thermal insulation by reducing any heat loss that occurs through windows, it also helps reduce your energy bills. It also eliminates any cold zones that occur around your window. Another bonus for nature lovers is that PVCu makes less of an impact on the environment as it is recyclable and can be melted down to manufacture other products

Castle Glass offers a complete range of PVCu windows in Braintree and other areas of U.K. We use only the highest quality of materials and are able to customise a window according to your needs. Call us today to see what we have in PVCu double glazed windows and other services that we provide. With satisfied customers in Braintree who will recommend our name with a smile, you may be assured that what we offer will be second to none. Our phone number is 01376 330069.