Best Materials for Essex Conservatories

The materials you choose for your Essex conservatory can make a difference to maintenance requirements, the value added to your home and the appearance and even comfort of your new addition. Here we will take a look at the various advantages of different conservatory materials.

The main materials that can be used for the frame of a conservatory are:

  • uPVC
  • aluminium
  • timber

All three are suitable for conservatories for Essex home, but each has its own strengths.

uPVC conservatories

This is probably the most popular option for conservatories. Some of the advantages of using uPVC for your conservatory are:

Easy maintenance – the fact that uPVC is a very low maintenance material makes it an extremely attractive choice for conservatories. It will not rot, flake or rust and needs almost no attention other than occasional cleaning with a damp cloth or soapy water. Colours will not fade or peel either, so your conservatory will keep its good looks for ages with very little effort on your part.

Durability – as uPVC does not react with water, it won’t swell or warp and will resist strong winds, sunlight and damp conditions. This is especially useful in our Essex climate, where the cold, wet winters alternate with (usually) warm summers, which can be hard on less durable materials. This is reflected in the long guarantees often offered on uPVC conservatories.

Insulation – uPVC is also superior when it comes to heat and energy insulation as well as sound-proofing. Again this is a bonus in cooler climates such as that of Essex, as it helps reduce energy bills and keep your home warm.

Value for money – uPVC is probably the most cost effective option for a conservatory frame, which makes it an appealing proposition when compared with timber and aluminium.

Aluminium conservatories

Durability – aluminium conservatories are also very durable, though not quite as low maintenance as uPVC.

Security – because of the superior strength of aluminium it is the most secure option, being almost impossible to break through or damage, and it is considered almost totally burglar proof, though the hardness of uPVC makes it a close second.

Timber conservatories

Appearance – while timber is much more durable and requires less maintenance than it used to years ago, its main strength lies in its beauty. Timber frames are a timeless classic and suit almost any style of home.

Resale value – any conservatory is likely to add resale value to your home, but timber will probably add the most. Particularly when it comes to period homes, wood is a handsome complement and is less likely to degrade the appearance of your home.

Other factors

As well as considering the material you choose for the frame of your Essex conservatory, you should give careful thought to whether you want any solid brick walls on either end for the sake of privacy. You would also be wise to use double or triple glazed glass for your conservatory in order to improve energy efficiency and security.

Whatever material you choose, the quality of workmanship we offer at Castle Glass is second to none and we also constantly monitor competitor prices to make sure you get the best possible price. Find out more here or call us today to discuss the range of options available and we will help you to select the best conservatory glazing, frame material and security features to suit your Essex home.