Getting Double Glazing Quotes

When it comes to the chilly UK weather, getting double glazing quotes on your windows can help you make decisions about retaining heat in your home and keeping the cold out. Just remember the cheapest double glazing quotes aren’t always the best, and there are other things you need to consider too.

Single and double glazing

  • Double glazing consists of two panes of glass with a measured amount of air space between them for added insulating value.
  • Single glazed windows can be double glazed by adding an extra pane to the inside of original windows on a home.
  • Some people consider getting double glazing quotes on existing windows as an alternative to replacement windows.

Double glazing is very effective against chilly weather. In fact, it is almost essential with the UK winter weather.

Energy savings with double glazing

When you get a double glazing quote, bear in mind that the amount of energy you save will more than pay for the windows, even though they might seem expensive at first glance. Double glazing replacement windows are worth considering because they are the most energy-efficient and are a way to save money and increase the warmth of your home on a long-term basis.

Understanding the R and U values of replacement windows you are considering helps you determine the need for double glazing your existing windows. The R-value determines the amount of heat that a window retains, while the U-value determines the amount of heat that passes through the window. The higher the R-value, the better the window retains heat, while the lower the U-value, the less heat that passes through the window.

Double glazing quotes for replacement windows

double glazing quotes
Not only can double glazing help your windows function better as an insulator against the extreme cold, but if you consider some of the new double glazed replacement window units on the market, they can make your home more attractive, and more appealing to buyers if you decide to sell your home. So when you get double glazing quotes, don’t forget it is also a way to add resale value to your home, with added energy efficiency and protection from the cold.

Double glazing quotes for repairs

If your double glazed windows are gathering condensation, you might have a seal broken. It is important to consider double glazing quotes to repair any units that have had their seals damaged because they have lost a large amount of their effectiveness.

You might have existing windows that are perfectly fit but you want the additional energy efficiency that double glazing can provide. Fitting an extra glazed window is a cheaper option than having a whole unit replaced, but the condition of your existing windows can be a determining factor.

You may want to consider getting quotes on double glazing existing windows and comparing them with quotes on newer, energy efficient models of windows (that come in a variety of frames, which can make your home look more modern). Compare the difference in R-value and U-value when considering the double glazing quotes because it can make a difference to both your energy bills and the warmth of your home.

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