Essex Bespoke Mirrors

Bespoke mirror EssexBespoke mirrors are basically custom-made mirrors, cut to fit a particular size and match the aesthetics of a given room. Castle Glass is an Essex based company that has several years of experience in providing custom made Bespoke Mirrors. Mass-produced mirrors may not quite fit the space in which they are needed, and outlets that sell them rarely have the resources to customize the mirror for a particular client’s needs. Castle Glass can help you with creating a custom bespoke mirror that is perfect for your taste and needs.

We can help design Bespoke mirrors for a number of purposes, including:

  • Enhancing wide or tall rooms that benefit from a mirror of unusual width or height like in the image above
  • Adding aesthetic value to an alcove or hallway niche
  • Fitting on frame rails of an existing picture
  • Enhancing the look of a fireplace, which often looks better with one fitted perfectly on the mantle
  • Hanging in an open space, such as over a stairway or in the bathroom

Look for Bespoke Mirrors That Can Be Etched or Framed

Etching or framing services are vital to creating a unique look for a bespoke mirror. Glazing services can fit a mirror into a special frame, customize it to enhance a hinged door or tabletop, or provide it with an etched design that matches other elements of the space it occupies. Cutting and drilling are important, too, as they provide the mirror with any hooks or wiring that it may require to be formally mounted on a wall.

Castle Glass, which is located in Braintree, Essex, provides custom-made bespoke mirrors for residential homes and high-end businesses across the county.