Composite Doors

Classical composite doors

Installing new doors into a property can help to brighten up a room or hallway, and can also ensure that the home is properly secured at night. In the past, homeowners would have been torn between the classic style of the traditional timber door, and the solid durability of the PVCu door. There are advantages to both varieties, so it was easy to be torn between the two.

At Castle Glass we offer an alternative that allows you to have exactly what you want in terms of safety and longevity without compromising on style.

Grand wooden doors

Modern construction design means that there is now an alternative style of doors which allows the best of both worlds. They offer an alternative to the standard uPVC style, and can also be attractive in their own right. They are as durable as the metal or plastic doors, but are as aesthetically pleasing as the wooden door.

Composite doors mean that homeowners don’t have to varnish or repaint the door, as it has a durable lasting finish, and they can also be hard-wearing, particularly important for homes with young families. They are also environmentally friendly, as there is no timber involved in any part of the construction. Despite the fact that no timber is used, many composite doors have the textured appearance of wood, which adds to the appearance of the door.

Classical door

The composite door can be fitted anywhere, and homeowners can choose to have them fitted into the front or back of their homes, or even added to the ends of conservatories. It is possible to buy specially made doors which can be fitted into unusually wide or narrow doorways, or buy from a supply of standard sizes. The doors are also constructed to a high standard of safety, meeting the British Standards requirements for the doors, and also passing security tests. The latter demonstrate that these doors have a high resistance to water penetration, and also against forced entry by humans or mechanical devices.

Castle Glass are based in Braintree and have been supplying and installing doors across Essex since 1989.