Cost of Double Glazing in Hertfordshire

The cost of double glazing is offset by advantages beyond just the energy savings, which can be considerable, particularly in the Hertfordshire climate. The double panes add to the peace and quiet of your home, for one thing, and for another, they are harder for an intruder to breach. But it is the energy savings that prompt most people to choose replacing their single pane windows with double pane windows.

Why the cost of double glazing is justified

Double pane or double glazed windows have two panes of glass with a gap of about 16mm between them.

The gap, which may contain air, or a stable gas such as xenon, argon, or krypton, is what accounts for the exceptional insulation properties of double pane windows.

Not all double glazed windows are alike, however. Some are better than others at keeping the heat inside and the noise outside. There are manufacturers who use an energy rating scheme for the energy efficiency of their windows.

  • The ones rated “A” are the most efficient, and will give the greatest energy savings in relation to the cost of double glazing.
  • The Energy Saving Trust gives its endorsement to windows rated “C” or greater.
  • There is no obligation currently for window manufacturers to put an energy efficiency grade on their products, however, but the ones with the highest efficiency grades will not hesitate to specify this.

Cost of double glazing: choosing materials

Several frame materials are available for double glazing in Hertfordshire. The most common frame material is unplasticised PVC, which is long-lasting and can be recycled. The durability and low maintenance makes the cost of double glazing with uPVC well worth it.

In conservation areas, wooden frames may be required. The construction of these frames has a lower environmental impact, but wooden frames do require maintenance. Steel or aluminium frames are another recyclable choice. Composite frames have an inner frame of timber with an outer covering of plastic or aluminium, which reduces maintenance concerns and makes the frame more weather resistant.

In some cases, replacement windows are more airtight than the originals, and this can cause condensation to build up indoors from reduced ventilation. If there is not enough background ventilation, the windows can have “trickle vents” built into the frames to avert condensation build-up.

Double glazing in Hertfordshire

The UK has significant temperature variations throughout the year, with warmer summers and cooler winters. The variation in temperature is a prime reason for using double glazing in Hertfordshire. Better insulation blocks cold drafts and prevents heat loss in the winter, while keeping out excess heat in the summer.

Double glazing in Hertfordshire

If you are interested in having double glazing installed, it is best to find an installer that is registered with the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, or FENSA. FENSA was created by the Glass and Glazing Federation and other industry representatives in response to England and Wales’ building regulations.

Anyone having windows replaced must comply with thermal performance standards and acquire a certificate of compliance from either FENSA or Local Authority Building Control. FENSA allows companies installing replacement windows to self-certify their compliance with building regulations.

Installers registered with FENSA will also be able to help with solutions in cases of homes that are listed or that are located near conservation areas. Secondary double glazing increases energy efficiency significantly whilst keeping within the requirements of areas where typical double glazing is not allowed.

Double pane windows decrease noise pollution, lower a home’s carbon footprint, and drastically cut down on heat lost through single pane windows, making them a wise investment. So although the cost of double glazing can be significant, it is easily justifiable, particularly in climates like that of Hertfordshire.

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