Conservatory Price Vs Value Added

Man reading in conservatoryWhile adding a conservatory is a daunting undertaking, the resale value that it will add to your home is likely to be significant and should more than compensate for the conservatory price. It can be measured in pounds as well as in the fun and enjoyment that it gives to your family. This is especially true for our customers in Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire, as the UK weather can’t always be relied upon!

Extra space!

  • Your conservatory can be used for a number of different purposes, each of which more than justifies the price when compared to adding a brick built extension.
  • Your conservatory could be used as a playroom, dining room, family room, garden room, study, work room or any of many more examples.
  • Not only will a conservatory give extra space, it will also help you enjoy your garden space more, allowing you to enjoy the view and sit in the sunlight even when the weather is chilly.

The conservatory price will depend on the style chosen

Your addition may be built in a variety of ways, each of which will affect the conservatory price as well as the value added. Victorian conservatories are among the most beautiful and offer an elegant appeal that is reminiscent of the outdoor gazebo. The Edwardian type of conseimage of conservatory in summerrvatory brings a great deal of glass surrounding the entire room as well as offering more wood and is detailed very intricately. Choosing a style that complements your home will add the most value.

If you are seeking out an elegant, understated approach to the conservatory you can also build the lean-to variety for a far lower cost and still get an elegant room that will offer you extra space and extra value.

The enjoyment you will get outweighs the conservatory price

Once you’ve enjoyed your new room for a while, you’ll never regret the conservatory price. The conservatory is ideally suited for entertaining your guests, and can become the social hub of the home for both friends and family.

You can enjoy the sunshine indoors, so it doesn’t matter if it’s chilly outside; the sun room is going to give you the feeling of a mini vacation each time you enter it.

Picture arriving home in the evening, relaxing for an hour in the conservatory as you sip a cool drink amid the plants and the sunshine. As the sun fades, you are surrounded by the glassy walls that permit you to see the magnificent colours of the sunset. You can sit in privacy and warm comfort, watching until the dying rays of the sun signify time for your evening meal.

A conservatory can add an endless array of private evenings reconnecting with a loved one, or simply visiting with family. Your children can benefit from seeing the outdoors even when it’s too cold to play in the garden.

Castle Glass have been in business for over 40 years, providing glazing services and building Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk conservatories. The amount of real property value that one of our conservatories will add to your home is unmatched only by the amount of value that it will add to your lives. With the ability to be used for any purpose, even a dining area or a breakfast nook, the addition of this extra space will be well worth the conservatory price.

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