Conservatory, Essex

Turn your conservatory into a beautiful functional extra living area with Castle Glass’ help. Castle Glass has been using its expertise to add an extra ‘wow’ factor to houses in Essex with top quality conservatories. We supply and install conservatories manufactured using modern methods that allow for more choice and reliable alternatives. Our workmanship will ensure that your conservatory looks great and lasts for several years.

A conservatory in Essex allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature at your own pace. Sit back and relax and hear the rain patter on the roof; revel in the vibrant colours of the Essex spring as you enjoy lunch or tea with your guests; see the snow floating down from the sky from the comfort of the warm interiors; or enjoy a dinner with your near ones on a full moon night.

When you come to Castle Glass, you are guaranteed that we can design virtually any kind of conservatory for you. You may want a Victorian style Edwardian or Regency Style, we’ll have it ready for you. If you aren’t sure what you want then we can help, we understand how difficult it might be to get lost in jargon so we keep it simple for you. Your requirements are of paramount importance to us. We can make a personal call to your home and see what style would best complement your home and the space available.

You can fire away all the questions you want and we’ll answer them patiently and personally take you through the design of your own conservatory. You’ll find our workforce to be warm and friendly; and with our commitment to punctuality and professionalism, you can sit back and be assured that your project is in good hands. All you have to do is enjoy the end result! Call us today to see what we can offer you!