Chelmsford Timber Windows

Chelmsford Timber windows are prized for both their durability and their aesthetic values. They can be crafted more easily than aluminium or PVC windows (which are often mass produced), and the natural beauty of wooden window frames helps lend a distinctive quality to homes. Castle glass has been offering double glazed timber windows in Chelmsford for several years.

Timber windows, however, can be vulnerable to wear and tear and rot from moisture can damage them over time. Double-glazed windows can help resolve these problems in numerous ways. Double glazing simply means the addition of two panes of glass to the window frame instead of just one. The space between them is sealed and can be filled with inert gases and/or desiccating materials.

Castle Glass offers top quality double glazed timber windows for homes in Chelmsford. Our windows provide a number of benefits to your home:

  • The twin panes of glass form a more efficient insulator, reducing the costs of heating your home.
  • The efficiency of double-glazed timber windows improves the resale value of the home.
  • Condensation is reduced, helping to retain wooden frames that might be vulnerable to rot.
  • Double glazing helps filter outside noise, particularly human voices.
  • Double glazing is typically less expensive than full-bore replacement windows.

Double-Glazed Timber Windows Represent the Best of Both Worlds

Double-Glazed Timber Windows combine classic style with function and durability. Whether you are looking to add double-glazed timber windows after your house has been built or to replace damaged frames or to upgrade the building’s ability to retain heat; Castle glass can provide a solution that is perfect for you. Double glazing can increase the window’s efficiency without sacrificing the unique look that a timber frame provides. Castle Glass offers a range of double-glazing options to fit all kinds of Chelmsford residential home needs.