Double glazing open window

Why Install Double Glazed Windows in Your Home?

Double glazing open window

In this blog we will look at what double glazing is, how it works and some of the benefits of having it installed in your house. Castle Glass have been providing and installing double glazed windows in Braintree and across the region for many years.

Double glazing is a window made from two panes of glass. These panes are sealed so that they are airtight. The panes are usually about 1.6cm and the gap between them contains a layer or air or gas. This helps to keep your home at the same temperature by stopping heat from escaping through the glass. Proven to provide an efficient solution to keeping your home warm and reducing your energy bills, helping your pocket and the environment alike.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the main benefits.

Benefits of having Double Glazing Installed

  • A reduction in energy bills
  • No draughts
  • Reduction in noise from outside
  • Much less condensation
  • Keeps your home warm with less energy usage
  • A lifespan of over 20 years
  • Good for the environment
  • Increased security
  • Low maintenance

As well as environmental benefits, the increased security that double glazed windows provides is another one of the main reasons have them. Much more difficult to break through and more secure catches mean that they can help you feel more protected at home too.

Cost savings will vary depending on the size of your home, your preferred temperature, how many windows you have, whether or not your home is open plan as well as the size of window and materials used for the frame.

When to Replace your Windows

Over time the frames can warp and lose their exacting fit to the glass you have in your windows. Replacing the windows will result in a much more airtight fit. If you have a lot of condensation then this is a sign that you may need to replace them. Another sign is if you get a lot of damp where the windows are, this could mean that water is getting in. It could also be a sign that ventilation is poor, the walls aren’t well insulation or a combination of both, so it’s worth working out what exactly the problem is.

If however, you are getting moisture between the panes of existing double glazed windows or you are having issues with damp and condensation and the rooms are well insulated and ventilated, then it could be time for some new windows to be installed.

If that is the case then we would always recommend investing in double glazing, it really is more economical over time and will provide a secure and comfortable environment to enjoy in your home.

If you cannot have double glazed windows due to having a listed building or living in a conservation area. You can still have secondary glazing. You can find out more about that here. If that is the case and you want to keep your home warm over winter then thick heavy curtains, carpeted flooring and rugs can all help to stop heat escaping.