House windows to replace

How do you know when to replace your windows?

House windows to replace

Houses without windows are oppressive and dull. No natural light can enter the building, air can only filter through vents and air-con units, and the structure generally looks uninviting and like a sterile box.

Who would want to live in a house or work in an office with no windows?

People like to see past their four walls and catch a glimpse of what’s going on in the outside world, be it a bird flying by or traffic going past. Windows can change the whole feeling and dimension to a room, and can make a small bedroom feel light and airy for example.

Let’s not forget that opening a window can get rid of unpleasant smells, or lingering cooking smells in a kitchen, and let in some fresh air if you have pets. Taking all of this into consideration, it is easy to see why it is essential to keep your windows in good order, and replace them when needed.

Windows – Why do they need replacing?

Replacing windows can sometimes be a daunting task (unless you know a trustworthy company, or happen to work in the business yourself!) Therefore you need to ask yourself, what will I achieve by changing my windows? The following pointers will help you understand some of the reasons why you may wish to replace your windows;

– Creating a more energy-efficient household
– Helping to lower your energy bills
– Outdated technologies used
– Newer design and style wanted

Signs to look for when considering replacing

If you are replacing your windows out of necessity and not just for cosmetic reasons you need to be aware of what to look for so you do not leave it too late, or replace them too soon without proper cause. There are certain tell-tale signs that you can identify which could mean that you really do need to invest in some new windows. The items below are the most recognisable signs, and beneath that an explanation of what they mean.

1. You can feel draughts in your home
2. You have difficulty opening & closing your windows
3. Condensation appears on the inside of the glass
4. Your energy bills seem excessively high
5. The frames look worn and rotten

Feeling draughts around the house can mean that your windows are losing their effectiveness and are letting in too much air. This could be due to warping of the frames, or frames coming loose. Difficulty in opening and closing the windows could be a result of rusting or stiff hinges and latches, or it could mean that the closing mechanism is failing completely.

Condensation appearing on the INSIDE of the glass is a failure of the seal which is then allowing moisture and air in-between the layers of glass. And finally, excessively high energy bills could simply mean that all of the above is resulting in your windows losing their energy efficiency. If you can see a combination of any of these signs, then it is most likely a good time to change!