wooden windows and doors

What’s Fashionable in the World of Windows and Doors

wooden windows and doors

There are some aspects of windows and doors that never go out of fashion, like energy efficiency and durability for instance. Fenestration trends also tend to last longer than other fashions as we don’t change our windows and doors anywhere near as often as we do home decor for instance. However trends do emerge over time and so here is an overview of what’s currently fashionable in the world of windows and doors, including window treatments that can be changed more frequently.

Window and Door Colour

The two main fashions in window and door frames for this year are black and natural wood. Black and gold tones feature in Pantone’s elegant ‘Intensity’ palette for 2018 and so black window frames are a perfect accompaniment to this interior design trend.

Natural wood is also a feature in window frames, however traditional pine is out and more exotic woods like mahogany are in.

Another trend that is also emerging is bright door colours – the bolder the better!

As far as hardware is concerned, warm metallic details are very fashionable, so changing the look of your door with a gold or bronze knocker will help bring it up to date.

Simpler Shapes and Size

Strong and minimal rectangular shapes are the biggest crowd pleasers this year, with arches and curves going out of fashion. Letting in as much light as possible, and merging the outside with the inside is another strong trend. Expansive sections of glass are trending, allowing more daylight in and creating dramatic outdoor views. This trend is emerging in the form of floor to ceiling square or rectangular windows. French doors are also popular, perhaps even surrounded by windows to let even more light in.

Types of Window Treatments

Window treatments are much easier to replace than the window frames themselves, so once you’ve installed good quality windows you can update them with current fashion trends.

In 2018 colourful geometric curtains are trending, together with textures. Natural window treatments are also very popular, so you could also try updating your windows with bamboo or woven cotton blinds.

Window Technology

As with everything, technology influences fashion trends in windows and doors too. Rather than traditional sliding doors, pocket doors are a space saving and modern solution that is catching on in a big way.

Windows and doors that incorporate ‘smart’ home features will also only grow in popularity. Homeowners are increasingly interested in managing their homes remotely or automatically, so window treatments and elements that allow them to integrate this technology will similarly rise in demand. Examples of high tech window features include lock sensors that allow homeowners to check whether a window is open/closed or locked/unlocked and thermochromic windows which make the tint or opacity of a window adjustable according to rising and falling temperatures.

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