What are Composite Doors and Windows?

Composite DoorOne of the fastest growing trends in UK home improvement is the use of composite doors and windows. These have become very popular among homeowners who simply want to improve their property without having to invest in building work or extensions to the property. Well-fitted composite doors and windows can make a home look more attractive, and could be an important feature when it comes to selling the property. If you are interested in having some of these items fitted into your home, then you may want to know a little bit more about what these composite doors and windows are, and what makes them different from traditional door materials.

In the past, doors and windows were constructed from two main types of material, wood and PVC. Each of these had particular benefits for your home, for example wood was the better looking, traditional style of material, while PVC was cheaper, more practical and still gave a home an improved appearance. However, neither was without its downsides. Composite windows and doors are made from a mixture of wood and PVC, with the wooden core material being covered with a PVC edge. This technique is used to create a combination of elements, harnessing their strengths and reducing their weaknesses.

Composite doors are particularly beneficial to homeowners, since they offer both study protection from the timber, and weather-proof, low-maintenance doors. In addition, the composite door can be coloured in a range of different tones, so homeowners are more likely to be able to pick up a colour that suits their home decor. Composite windows have the advantage of being resistant to damp, meaning that the frame will not crumble, unlike timber frames, or bend, unlike PVC windows. This makes them the best solution when it comes to adding new frames.