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Triple Glazing in the UK

triple glazing cross section

Triple glazing is now widely used in Scandinavian countries, but is it worthwhile getting it in the UK? The answer is that it depends on several factors, so here’s the lowdown on when you might need triple glazing.

The energy efficiency of windows is measured as a U-rating, with a lower number representing better energy efficiency. Traditional single glazed windows have a U-rating over 5, older double glazing has a U-rating of 3 and newer double glazing has a rating of around 1.6, with this being the new standard required by Building Regulations when new windows are fitted. When triple glazing is combined with appropriate frame insulation it can get the rating as low as 0.8.

The improved U-rating between double and triple glazed windows doesn’t necessarily translate to a massive saving in energy costs though. The cost of replacing double with triple glazed windows won’t be covered by savings in energy bills for a very very long time.

There are still good reasons for installing triple glazing however.

Because walls and doors have a much lower U value than windows, this can create cold patches in your home. This problem is actually made worse by modern insulation, as it increases the difference in temperature between walls/doors and windows. Triple glazing helps solve this problem by reducing the gap between the U value of windows and the rest of the house.

This helps alleviate those cold spots which surround windows at night and cause draughts, drawing warmth away from you if you’re near them and leading to condensation on window panes. Double glazing makes your home more comfortable than single glazing, and triple glazing makes it even more so. So although you may not notice much difference in your heating bills, you will notice a difference in comfort levels within the house.

Triple Glazing helps with Noise reduction
Another benefit of triple glazing is that the extra pane and cavity create a further barrier to noise. If you live in a particularly noisy area and value your peace and quiet then triple glazing could be a very worthwhile investment for you.

Triple glazed windows are that much harder to break due to the extra pane, which gives your home that little bit of extra security.

Do you need triple glazing?

In order to decide whether the additional cost of triple glazing is worth it, you need to look to consider your own circumstances.

If you get a lot of condensation running down your windows or experience cold patches near windows which cause draughts then you will probably benefit from upgrading to triple glazing.

If you live in a noisy area and would like to block out more of the sound from outside then triple glazing will reduce noise more than double glazing.

If neither of the above apply then it is probably not worth the expense of swapping your double glazing for triple. If however you are replacing your windows anyway, then you might consider opting for triple glazing over double.

If you would like to discuss your window glazing options further, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to advise.