Self cleaning glass skylight

Self Cleaning Glass Windows

Self cleaning glass skylight

Self-cleaning glass is a revolution for homeowners looking for a solution to the problem of keeping the glass in conservatories or skylights clean. It saves time, energy and money, reducing the maintenance usually associated with glass.

What does self-cleaning glass do?

The special coating on self-cleaning glass is activated by UV light. It will usually be fully activated after five to seven days of exposure to daylight following installation. First the coating then breaks down organic dirt which then also reduces the adherence of inorganic dirt. Rain can then wash away the loosened dirt – as the water droplets spread out to form a ‘sheet’, the particles of dirt on the surface of the glass are picked up by the rainwater and washed off. The glass also dries off more quickly so the windows are left clean without streaks.

If there hasn’t been any rain for a while, you can also activate it with a garden hose. And it will work on north facing glass that doesn’t get much direct sunlight too, as there is still enough UV light to activate the glass.

Save time and money

The glass in conservatories and skylights is notoriously hard to clean. It’s difficult to reach without specialist equipment and unfortunately glass needs regular cleaning to keep clean and clear so you can enjoy that lovely view of yours.

Self-cleaning glass will save you either the time spent trying to clean these difficult to get to areas, or the cost associated with getting specialist window cleaners in to do the job regularly.


By using this type of glass you reduce the risk of an accident while trying to clean glass that can only be reached by a ladder. There’s no need to try to balance yourself on a ladder high above the ground while also juggling a bucket and cloth!

Better for the environment

In addition to keeping your glass clean more easily, self-cleaning glass is also better for the environment as it is cleaned without the use of chemicals and detergents. The only things required to keep it clean are sunlight and rain.

Not just for skylights and conservatories

Of course the benefits of self-cleaning glass also apply to any other windows. It can be just as useful to install in windows that are on first and second floor levels and so still difficult to reach.

Even at ground level, installing self-cleaning glass will save you the time and effort of cleaning your windows regularly, or save you the cost of paying someone else to do it for you. Why not save your time and money for the things you enjoy doing?

Self-cleaning glass can be installed as part of a skylight, conservatory or window installation, however it is also available as single panes of glass that could be fitted to replace the glazing within existing window units.

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