Sash window on property

Sash window supplier in Essex

Sash window on property

An irreplaceable feature of Georgian, Regency and Victorian homes are sash windows.  They remain a popular choice in many types of homes for their historic charm, aesthetics and practical qualities like easy cleaning and weather adaptability.
Development of the modern sash window means that the classic pulleys, weights and frames made of slow grown timber, are only part of a new line-up of options that include spring mechanisms, PVCu and composite material frames.

Choosing your sash window

If you are updating the windows of a period property, it might be important to you and it may even be a requirement that you restore the original look and feel of the property. We supply authentic sash windows made from the highest quality hardwood timber and we know the difference between the Venetian, Queen Anne and Gothic revival styles!

Made in compliance with modern efficiency standards, our replacement sash windows will be engineered to meet your requirements and finished in any colour you choose.

We offer a complete range of sash windows in Essex. These include the modern and affordable PVCu sash window, which allows you to keep the simplicity and elegance of the window in a lower maintenance, energy efficient design. In these windows, PVCu replaces traditional timber, and while some may argue that they are unattractive, the wide variety of effects available, including a photo-effect wood finish, offers you an attractive and durable alternative to the more classic design. The same goes for our composite sash windows, which offer the best of both worlds, timber on the inside and weather resistant aluminium on the exterior, making it a low-maintenance, popular choice.

Advantages of sash windows

When it comes to deciding on replacements for your existing sash windows or choosing a window design for a new modern home, there are a few things you might want to consider. As a design choice, sash windows are perfect for controlling the temperature of your home and in the hot summer months, their ability to be opened both at the top and bottom, allows hot air to escape on top and cool air to enter below.

Undecided about whether to choose the traditional vs the modern? Neighbourhood standards aside, the more traditional wooden sash windows are an investment and have an expected lifespan of more than 100 years.  Made from recyclable, reusable materials, they are more easily repaired than their more modern counterparts and are not strictly limited in their glass glazing options. They will require periodic maintenance, however, to ensure continued energy efficiency and to limit the impact of weather damage.

The more affordable PVCu windows, on the other hand, require less maintenance than wooden sash windows and come with a wider range of glazing options. There is a limit to the colours available, though, because unlike wood they cannot be painted. With an expected life expectancy of 10-15 years, PVCu windows can be easily replaced the next time you give your home a facelift.