House with PVCu door

PVCu Doors And Benefits Explained

House with PVCu door

When you are buying a new door for any of the entrances to your home, you will certainly come across the term PVCu or UPVC, but what do these letters mean? They are actually the same thing, though PVCu is now the more preferred term. Both are used to represent the material: unplasticated poly vinyl chloride.

How Is PVCu Used?

PVCu is the material that is wrapped around galvanised steel in order to make the door stronger and more durable than a door made with traditional materials. This kind of door is stronger in more than one sense. It is sturdier in that they are extremely difficult to warp or damage and they can withstand any precipitation. This is something wooden doors cannot compete with.

What Are The Benefits Of PVCu Doors?

This composition of this kind of door, which uses steel, will help to create a more secure seal for the property. This is needed for improved home security. The doors will prevent intruders from breaking through the door, which might be a threat with wooden options. They are also crowbar proof. There is essentially no way to force the door open.

These doors are famous for their insulation against noise. Whether it is heavy traffic or just the buzz of the city, very little noise will seep into your home with such a sturdy door in the way. PVCu doesn’t just stop noise from the streets but also the cold and damp from coming in as well. This will save you money in energy and heating costs. Spending less on these things means these doors are more environmentally friendly than other options that would not be able to resist the weather.

One of the most appealing aspects of PVCu doors is that once they have been installed by an expert company, they require very little or no maintenance, other than oiling the locks or cleaning the door itself. There will be essentially no reason to have any repairs carried out. This will once again save you money. While there are pros and cons to any kind of door, this one seems to be one of the best options.