enjoying a conservatory

How to make the most of your Conservatory all year round

enjoying a conservatoryThere are few people who don’t enjoy the outdoors at all. Even those who can’t think of anything worse than a long hike away from their home comforts will still enjoy pottering in their garden or sitting outside with a drink on a lounger in the sunshine. Unfortunately with the UK’s weather being as unpredictable as it is, spending time outside in the garden isn’t always something we can do as often as we’d like. Continue reading

Windows for Period Properties

windows for period propertiesWindows are a crucial architectural element of any property. In many ways they play the largest role of any feature in defining the overall character and appearance of a building. In period properties, too, the vital role played by windows in giving the property its charm and aesthetic appeal is brought into even sharper focus. Continue reading

Conservatories – An Ideal Choice for the Summer

conservatory in a beautiful gardenNow that spring has sprung and some sunnier weather has arrived, you can’t help but let your mind wander towards those gorgeous hot summer days that are hopefully on the way. If you really want to make the most of those fleeting summer months, too, you might just want to consider the possibility of adding a conservatory to your home. Continue reading