old blue door

Need to replace your draughty front door then let us help

old blue door

Not all front doors keep draughts out throughout their entire lifecycle. Some never pretended to in the first place. And some laugh maniacally at the very notion of keeping the elements at bay.

“Pah,” they say. Who do you think you are?

The problem with troublesome front doors like these, though, is that they’re expensive. A draughty front door lets heat escape your home in the winter, pushing up your energy bills. It’s a real problem that hurts you financially.

Doors can become drafty for all kinds of reasons. Wooden doors, for instance, can twist and warp as they grow older. As the moisture leaves the wood over time, it changes shape, flexing the door away from the door frame over time. This flexing then opens up gaps between the door and the frame, allowing large volumes of hot indoor air to escape, replaced by the cold air from the outside,

Doors can be draughty for a second reason: the original installer didn’t bother to fit it correctly.

When you install a door, you’re supposed to leave a small gap at the bottom between the door and the frame. This gap stops the underside from dragging along the ground. Some installers, however, make this gap too large, allowing warm air to escape and cold air to come rushing in.

A lot of doors use an exterior skirt or brush strip to prevent this gap from causing problems, but even these measures sometimes aren’t enough to control the draft. Often the only choice you have is to replace the door outright.

Some people try to use things like tape, draught excluders and weather strips to keep the cold at bay, but these solutions rarely work as well as you’d like. No matter how diligent you are, cold air inevitably weaves its way around all obstacles and makes it into the interior of your home.

Replace Your Door With Castle Glass

The best solution to a draughty front door is to replace it. This is where Castle Glass Essex windows and doors can help.

We can fit a new front door in your property that fits correctly, potentially slashing your fuel bills over winter.

Installing a new front door is relatively inexpensive. Once it’s done, it’s like having a whole new layer of insulation in your home, preventing heat from escaping. With us, you can relax over winter, unwind and know that you’re not losing money, just because your front door doesn’t close properly.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter how bad the current situation with your front door is; we can help. Our team takes care of everything for you.

If the frame around your door is cracked or broken, we repair it so that it creates an air-tight seal. We can also improve the doorstep if damage here is causing the draughts in your home.

We provide a wide range of attractive doors that help you preserve the precious warmth in your home. Get in touch with us today to discuss your new front door in more detail.