House window that is draughty

Why it’s important to fix window draughts before winter months

House window that is draughty

Window draughts are not only uncomfortable, but they can cost you extra money in the form of additional energy usage. Here’s how to spot them and what action to take when you do. These problems often concern mother nature and are much worse in the cold winter months. The United Kingdom is known for its miserable weather in the winter.  From damp misty mornings, to continual downpours of rain, or even low temperatures and outbreaks of snow, we have had it all! Bearing this in mind, it is important to address and indeed fix any problems with your home before the winter sets in.

Windows Draughts in your home

One of the major aspects to your houses temperature control is your windows; windows create a gap in the walls where draughts, moisture, water and air can get through so it is vital that you check your windows regularly and have a system that is as air-tight as possible to keep the heat in. Cracks could develop between the window frames and the wall, seals wear away over time and create gaps, or even the double glazing could leak condensation. Understanding the potential problems and identifying them is the first step.

A common problem is draughts; a draught can create huge heating problems and also cause health issues like stiff joints or gout through constant cold air entering your property.

How you can identify window draughts

Identifying a draught is really straight forward.  Simply run your hand over the area you suspect there to be a draught and see if you can feel any air blowing on your hand. If you can feel a substantial circulation of air then you have a problem! There are several ways in which draughts could develop;

– Gaps between the window frame and wall.
– Gaps in the sealant that holds your windows in place.
– Gaps between the actual glass pane and the window frame.
– Gaps in where the window closes to the frame.

Any of the above can easily be fixed by a professional, and it is advisable to sort these issues well in advance of the winter months, not only for the reasons stated below, but also for your own piece of mind and comfort.

Why you must fix any draughts BEFORE winter

While you can sort problems with your windows at any time, it is extremely important to sort these issues before the winter. A simple thing like a draught may seem trivial during the boiling hot summer months (Well maybe not boiling hot as it is the UK, but at least somewhat warm!), but a draught in the winter can really damage your homes temperature levels and make rooms uncomfortable to spend time in. You have to imagine that the draught will be allowing the cold winter air into your home; this could mean that you have to spend increasing amounts on heating bills to overcome the loss of warmth from draughts. Be a savvy homeowner and make sure your property is capable of withstanding the winter weather!