enjoying a conservatory

How to make the most of your Conservatory all year round

enjoying a conservatory

There are few people who don’t enjoy the outdoors at all. Even those who can’t think of anything worse than a long hike away from their home comforts will still enjoy pottering in their garden or sitting outside with a drink on a lounger in the sunshine. Unfortunately with the UK’s weather being as unpredictable as it is, spending time outside in the garden isn’t always something we can do as often as we’d like.

This is one of the reasons that conservatories are so popular. Instead of feeling shut away inside when the weather is bad, you can still enjoy many of the benefits of the outdoors while being protected from the less friendly elements such as wind and rain.

Natural Light

One of the reasons being outdoors is so enjoyable is that natural light has been shown to benefit us both mentally and physically. Studies have shown that workers are more productive in buildings with lots of natural daylight and that the recovery rate of patients in hospitals is speeded up when levels of natural light are increased. Sitting in natural light lifts our spirits.

A conservatory helps us take advantage of the feel good factor of natural daylight even when it’s too chilly or windy to comfortably sit outside. The abundance of natural light that floods a conservatory also allows the eyes to see better than in a room that just has ordinary windows (even supplemented with an electric light), and so is ideal for reading, writing and crafting.

A Conservatory is a Room with a View

Green spaces such as gardens and parks have been shown to have specific lifestyle benefits. Studies have shown that there is an increase in self esteem and a decrease in vandalism when neighbourhoods promote landscaping projects, and it has also been demonstrated that green spaces boost children’s attentional resource, allowing them to think more clearly and cope better with stress. Researchers have found that ADD symptoms are reduced by greenery in a child’s everyday environment, even if it is just a view of green through a window.

Most of us encourage our children to spend time outside as much as possible, as subconsciously we seem to realise the benefits of fresh air and being surrounded by plants. A conservatory is a great way to bring the outside indoors for those days when the weather is just not conducive to playing outside. With a few windows open and the view of the garden children (and adults!) can still get many of the benefits of being in a green space while still staying dry and warm.

How to Enhance Inside-Outside Living

While a conservatory allows you to enjoy some of the benefits of the outside even when you’re indoors, here are some ideas for making inside-outside living even more of a feature:

  • It may seem obvious, but having plenty of indoor plants in your conservatory will make the indoor-outdoor transition even more seamless. It will also give you the added benefit of the additional oxygen produced by plants during the day.
  • Conservatory blinds are useful for privacy and for screening out harsh sunlight in warmer months, but keeping them open the majority of time will ensure you get the most benefit out of the natural daylight a conservatory allows in.
  • Open windows – even when it’s raining you can usually choose a window or two to open without allowing the rain in. The benefits of the fresh air (especially the particularly fresh air you get during and after rain) is worth it.