Cleaning windows

How to Have Clean and Smear Free Windows

Cleaning windows

The first step to brightening your house is letting the natural light come in. You can easily do that with the right cleaning tips that will help you wash your windows fast and smoothly.

Even if cleaning your windows might seem a dreary and difficult job at first, you will find out that, with a little effort, you can easily make your house look fresh and tidy. Read on to find out how to clean your windows like a professional and enjoy every ray of sun in the comfort of your house:

Steps to Cleaning Your Windows

Before starting to actually clean your windows, you should make sure that you have the proper tools at hand: a sponge or a brush, a clean cloth or a rag, and a bucket filled with cleaning solution. In order to protect your floor, you might want to place a large towel right under your windows.

If you want your windows to shine brightly, do not forget about the pre-cleaning stage. Windows might gather stubborn stains, stickers,and decay and this is why it is important to actually remove everything that could stay in your way when you spray the detergent on the glass.

You might want to vacuum inside the windowsand remove and stickers or stubborn marks first. Sparkling glasses are not the only concerns you should have when cleaning your windows and these stages will make you admire the views seen from your windows more.

Cleaning Solutions that Work Best

There are a lot of detergents which promise to make your windows crystal clear, but natural detergents are also useful. You can use vinegar, which is anti-bacterial and non-toxic – and it will kill all the germs while still cleaning the glass efficiently.

This magic solution is made with one part of hot water with one-part distilled vinegar; it’s a simple and efficient for shiny glass.

Wiping Is the Key

Even if any detergent will be efficient in cleaning the surface of your windows, it may still leave a lot of unwanted marks that will make your windows look dirty. This is why wiping with a clean cloth is the key to letting the natural light come in; this way, you will have shiny windows in your every room. Not only will they look amazingly clean but will also keep dirt away – mainly due to the dry surface which will not let dust lay on them.

Once you master these easy techniques, you’ll be able to perform this job easier than you’ve ever imagined. Scrub the glass, wipe and repeat – and your windows will be shiny and bright, letting every ray of sun visit you every day.

Cleaning your house with the proper tips will make your life easier and every cleaning marathon more enjoyable. With such useful tips, your windows will for sure look clean and amazing – and the results will definitely be satisfying!