How new doors can improve the value of your home


When you want to sell your property, one of the most important changes that you can make is to the doors in the property. There are two sorts of doors which can be changed, exterior and interior, and you may decide that only one needs to be changed, but it is worth considering the benefits to changing either type of door in order to benefit from the added value to your property.

Changing exterior doors

If you step outside your home now, and take a look at your door, the reasons why a new door could improve the value of the property should be immediately clear. Even if you have only had the exterior door for a few years, it will already be looking ragged and aged. Wooden doors might have lost paint, while PVC doors could be scratched or buckled. Old-looking doors automatically make your property seem uncared for, and that decreases its value. In addition, older doors tend to lose their fit in the doorway, and this could mean that the home is less secure. These are both good reasons for changing the exterior doors of your property.

Changing interior doors

If you turn to the interior doors of your home, then you may think that there is less to be gained by changing these doors. However, interior doors also affect the appearance of your property, and can devalue your home. Older doors in particular make the house seem older, less well-maintained, and can date the property, immediately reducing its value to estate agents and prospective buyers. Doors which are in poor condition only make the situation even worse, and most sellers would do well to change their interior doors for some newer, more stylish versions which complement their property.