Double glazed window

How double or triple glazing keeps you secure and warm

Double glazed window

It is so common to have double glazing in a home that many people forget what a useful function it serves. If you are buying a home without double or triple glazing, then you will need to take a lot of care when it comes to providing yourself with the best form of glazing for your new home. There are many ways in which glazing can protect your property, as well as keep it properly insulated, and it is important to find out which is the best solution to your needs before you make your final choice. By talking to our teams, you can work out whether you need to install double or triple glazing in your property.

How double glazing can improve your property

Fitting double glazing is the basic standard for insulating your home. It not only helps to prevent cold from penetrating through glass barriers, but it also prevents heat from escaping. This improves energy efficiency, and can ensure that you are able to keep warm for longer. In addition, a correctly placed double glazing lock can help you to secure your home from the inside, providing a hindrance to intruders in addition to keeping the property fully protected.

Why triple glazing could be the answer

When you want to upgrade your home’s glazing system, triple glazing could provide the best protection. Triple glazing will allow you to capture the greatest amount of warmth from natural sunlight, and increase heat retention within the house. It also offers maximum reduction of cold spots, keeping the house warmer while reducing energy use. In addition, the additional pane of glass means that there is even more security for your property.Just consult with our team today to learn more about these benefits.