Double Glazing in Hertfordshire

Double Glazing Services in Hertfordshire

Double Glazing in Hertfordshire

Here we will explain what is double glazing and how exactly does it work? Double glazing is a window made up of two panes of glass that are sealed to be airtight. Double glazing keeps your house at a constant temperature as there is a thin layer of air or gas between two layers of glass that are approximately 16mm thick. This gap of air or gas aids the efficiency of your windows so that no heat can be lost through it. Double glazing is proven to offer true efficiency and results will be visible almost immediately once installed. With a house that is warmer, your heating bills will be lower saving you money right throughout the year.

Enhancing your home

Castle Glass’ double glazing will also enhance your home’s security. With our superior expertise and workmanship, all the double glazed doors and windows installed will be beautifully crafted and will remain low on maintenance.

Benefits of Double Glazing

  • Energy bills reduced
  • More comfortable home with no draughts
  • Outside noise is reduced giving you more peace
  • The build up of condensation is reduced
  • Up to 20 years or more of use

How much you save on your home in energy costs will be different between homes.  A few factors come in to play like the size of your windows, how many you have through your property, what type of glazing you have used and the type of material you choose to surround your window.


Old window frames after time can warp and loose their fit to the glass.  Replacing windows will give you a more airtight fit.  If you notice a lot of condensation on your windows in winter then chances are you will need to upgrade.

Any damp around your windows could be a result of water getting in.  Damp generally occurs where the ventilation is not good, inadequate insulation or maybe a bit of both.  Any condensation between the windows means your seal has broken so it is time to look at getting either new windows or replacement seal for them.

Double Glazing Alternatives

If you live in a conservation area or your property is listed you cant install double glazed windows.  You can however install secondary glazing.  This along with using heavy curtains will help you retain heat in your home and keep draughts contained.