Office Glass Partitions

Glass partitions used in offices and their benefits

Office Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are an innovation that combines some of the advantages of an open-plan working environment, with the reduced noise and privacy associated with private office spaces. A way for contemporary businesses to maximise space and reduce costs, glass partitions help to create stylish modern office spaces that are spacious and enhanced by natural light and soundproofing.

Evolving the open-plan office space

Spearheaded by multinationals like Google and Microsoft, open-plan office spaces became popular among businesses seeking higher levels of productivity and enhanced teamwork. While open-plan offices have made some work environments more sociable, they have also been criticised for being noisy and distracting. Glass partitions can create closed off office spaces in an open-plan environment and installation requires little or no structural changes to the room. Organisations can choose from a range of glass office partitions with frosted, tinted and coloured glass offering different degrees of privacy and double glazing being the most effective at noise reduction.

An aesthetically pleasing office design with cost benefits

Glass office partitions can look elegant and professional. When made out of clear plate glass, for instance, they give a light and spacious effect, by making the most of natural light. It has been proven that natural light improves mood, concentration and productivity, and glass partitions offer modern businesses the opportunity to create an environment appreciated by staff and clients alike.

Maximising natural light reduces energy costs and glass partitions can replace some of the reliance on artificial lighting. They are also a cost-effective solution to rearranging or expanding your office space, by being both quick and easy to install. Disassembly can be equally efficient and glass partitions are easily moved in the event of office relocation. This ability to be re-purposed and the durability of glass partitions – they don’t fade or get tarnished like other building materials – make them a great investment. Glass partitions are made of safety glass and are safe and easy to clean.

Glass partitions offer flexibility and choice

Glass partitions make changing office layout simple. Depending on the needs of your offices and as a way of re-modelling without extra costs, glass partitions offer flexibility. There are various types of glass partitions available on the market to suit your office space. Stained or beveled glass has an artistic appeal that can add interest to your office space. Decorative architectural glass partitions can be digitally printed or come with integrated blinds or a mirror-effect.

Use glass partitions to define your brand

Glass partitions speak for themselves and communicate a work ethic of open communication, honesty and respect. Glass partitions provide closed spaces for quiet work and private meetings while retaining transparency and connection.  Noise control shows consideration for sensitive business operations, like client phone calls and contract negotiations, while creating an inclusive environment where everyone is on-task for a shared purpose.

The energy efficiency benefits of glass partitions establish your company as green. They reduce your company’s environmental footprint and enhance your efforts to protect the environment.