draughty house

Window draughts and how to fix them

draughty house

In the UK the weather is always one of the hottest topics of conversation, mainly because of how bad it can be. Whilst we’ve enjoyed a fabulous summer this year, let’s not forget that the colder months are just around the corner and it won’t be long before the heating goes on. With energy bills also rising year on year, it’s vital that you aren’t paying for the benefit of heat that escapes from your home via your windows.

Identifying window draughts

One of the easiest ways to find that pesky draughts is to run your hand alongside the window panes and see if you can feel it on your hand. If that’s the case then it’s an issue you need to fix pretty quickly. Draughts can appear in several places:

  • Between the glass and window frame
  • The frame and wall itself
  • Where the sealant has come away or eroded
  • Joins where the window closes

If you discover an issue in any of these areas, then feel assured that it can easily be fixed by a professional. Don’t leave it to the last minute though as demand for this type of work will go up in the colder months, make sure it’s addressed before the weather changes. It also means that any repair work is likely to go ahead and many of these fixes can’t be done in rainy weather.

Where do draughts come from?

There are a few reasons why draughts can occur but they basically come down to pressure and suction. During the winter, cold winds blowing against your windows will create a pressure difference between the air outside and inside your home. This creates a suction effect that pulls any warm air out of your home, so if you have any gaps anywhere this will mean that warmer air escapes due to this suction effect. The more air that escapes, the higher your energy bills can be.

Any warm air is replaced by cold which is where the colder draughts come from and why you can feel a distinct difference in temperature.

If you want to eliminate draughts from your home then whilst we definitely recommend getting any immediate issues fixed, you might want to consider replacing your windows altogether with some that will alleviate the issue completely. If you want to find out more about replacing your windows, then please get in touch today on 01376 330069.