shop window display

Famous Window Displays Worldwide

shop window display

Walking in a town or city is exhausting – and what better way to catch your breath than to gaze upon the display windows scattered in any big city? Some display windows are very attractive and can even tempt you to go in and buy something – regardless if it’s food or just clothing.

Let’s be honest, the most beautiful display windows are set up in the holiday period. They appear especially in Christmas time, with lots of lights, candy canes and tiny figurines of Santa’s little helpers. Below we have gathered some very creative, yet famous display windows worldwide – and if you get a chance to visit some of the cities mentioned below, be sure to catch a glimpse at those displays.

The Lafayette Galleries

Lafayette already sounds like something very kitschy, and you’re kind of in the right direction. The Lafayette Galleries are inspired from everything, even from children’s drawings, and the staff just gives that drawings life. And so, wonderful display windows are born – and all of them are unique and colourful.

Be aware that the displays can change from one week to another – and even faster, as many thematic displays are set up for you to gaze upon.

Tiffany & Co.

If you’re thinking about some classy jewellery, watches, and fragrances, Tiffany & Co. has it all in its very catchy window displays. Most designs feature fairy tales and famous movies scenes like The Great Gatsby, entwined in jewellery displays.

For most people, Tiffany & Co.’s window displays are just for watching, unless you really need to make a present to someone dear to you. Prices vary quite much here. For an engagement ring, you can pay up to 11,000 dollars – that is, if you really want something very flashy.


Want some flash before your eyes in London? Then visit Harrods and feast your eyes on the window displays that catch every soul and transport it into a different world. Famous movie scenes also tangle with all the famous brands that share a space there. Prada and Louis Vuitton are only two of the big players that call Harrods one of their homes. Also, many candy stores are there in case you’ve got the sweet tooth.

The Harrods is located right in the middle of London and you cannot miss it due to its flashiness and the multitude of lights. People also gather every night there to take a look at what the department store has prepared.

Bergdorf Goodman

Although it is a normal looking building in the Manhattan area, it is home to some unique and exquisite window displays – and it also rivals with that of Harrods according to some journalists. Famous brands like Chanel and not only that have opened here stores and shops in which you can take a look and maybe buy something unique. Plus, not only shops are present here, but also some very nice restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals at a height of 7 stories and get a view upon the busy streets.

These displays are all famous for a reason – and you should definitely see them, provided you get the chance.