Double glazed windows

Essex Double Glazing Benefits

Double glazed windows

For homeowners in Essex, double glazing is a wise investment and will help you to save money as they will keep your home well insulated. The weather in the UK means that dealing with cold and condensation is a constant battle if you do not have the right windows installed.  By having good quality double glazed windows you will find the cold and condensation is no longer a problem and your home will be significantly warmer.

Advantages of installing double glazing in Essex

Some of the advantages of installing double glazing in your Essex home are:

  • Double glazing keeps the heat in
  • It can also help keep noise out
  • It reduces your carbon footprint
  • It reduces condensation in wet climates such as Essex
  • It saves you money

Up to 18% of heating can be lost through windows, which leads to higher fuel bills and CO2 emissions as well as increased condensation inside. All of these can be vastly improved by installing double glazing in your home, as the air trapped between the panes of glass insulates the home and reduces the heat lost which in turn reduces your fuel bills and CO2 emissions.

Condensation will also reduce, partly because the internal pane of glass in these windows is closer in temperature to that of the room. With double glazed windows the internal air is far less likely to reach its dew point and deposit water on the cold glass as it would with single glazing.

Reducing outside noise levels within the home is another bonus of installing this type of window.  Homeowners can benefit from a house that is both warmer and quieter when windows are double glazed.

Double glazing as an investment for Essex homeowners

We’ve already mentioned that installing double glazing can save you money on your fuel bills over time, but this is not the only reason it is such a good investment; it also tends to increase the resale value of your house by a significant amount.

If you own a home in Essex, double glazing will make your home more comfortable, save you money on your energy bills, increase the value of your house and reduce your carbon footprint. What’s not to like about that?

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