making halloween decorations

Decorating your windows for Halloween

making halloween decorations

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d give you some ideas for window decorations for this spooky celebration. In the UK decorating your home on 31st October is often a way to signal to children that you welcome trick or treaters, so decorating your windows is a great way to let them know you’re Halloween-friendly.

There are countless decorations available to buy at the shops, but making your own Halloween window decorations is easy with materials that you probably have lying around in any case.

Silhouette window decorations

You can cut out Halloween themed shapes from cardboard to stick onto your windows. Use black card or just paint old cereal boxes with black paint. Bats, spiders, witches hats, pumpkins and skulls are just some of the shapes you could make, and you don’t need much artistic flair as you only need an outline, not any details. You can print shapes off from your computer to trace around if you’re not confident making up your own.

You can either do lots of little shapes dotted around all over the window, or make up a creepy scene from silhouettes, depending the the level of scariness you’re aiming for! Make sure you have plenty of light shining on the silhouettes from inside to really make them stand out.

Abandoned house decorations

Another idea is to decorate your windows to make it look like visitors are coming to an old abandoned (and probably haunted) house. Create spooky looking drapes for your windows out of black or white cheesecloth with a few rips in it. Add to the effect with some fake spiderwebs. You can make these out of light grey wool made into a web shape or cotton wool that has been warmed for a bit on a radiator and then stretched out to form wispy bits of spider web.

If you want to go all out then try cutting out shard shapes from frosted plastic and sticking it around the edges of the window panes to look as if the windows have been broken.

Scary scenes

You could also create a spooky scene between the window and your curtains. Hanging a skeleton, ghost or other eerie creature from the curtain pole will create the illusion of floating, or otherwise stand some sinister looking figures or cutouts on the windowsill. You could even create a life size printout from a picture from a horror movie poster – creepy looking child ghosts, demons or other terrifying characters will all look real when placed up against the inside of your window.

Cute and cheerful

Of course if you have small children and are expecting a lot of your trick or treaters to be very young then you might want something a little less hair-raising. If you want to keep your Halloween decorations on the friendlier end of the scale, then pumpkins with happy faces on the window sill are traditional and not too scary for the little ones. You could also draw cute ghost faces onto white balloons, or pumpkin faces onto orange balloons and hang these from a curtain pole between the window and curtains.

With a bit of imagination you can create some suitably creepy decorations with very little outlay, and you can get your children involved in making them too. Whatever you do though, don’t forget to stock up on the treats…