enjoying her conservatory

Creating an Inside Outside Living Space

enjoying her conservatory

There is no denying that a conservatory can add heaps of value to your home, and we are not just talking about from a monetary perspective. A conservatory adds a functional room to your property. It is a place where people often go to relax. It can be used all throughout the year if it has been designed correctly. One of the great things about conservatories is that they offer a great way of bringing the outdoors in. This is a trend that more and more homeowners are embracing.

In order to optimise your conservatory, you need to ensure the flow from the outside inside is a seamless one. This is where a lot of homeowners go wrong. They opt for a conservatory that feels more like an added room with a bit of extra light. Instead, it needs to feel like you’re sitting with nature. That’s what the true essence of a conservatory is all about.

Considerations when Choosing your Conservatory

There are a number of different ways that this can be achieved. You need to consider everything from the space to the lighting and colours used. Making the most of the space is of huge importance. Your conservatory should be a room that can be used no matter whether it is summer or winter. To do this, it needs to be adequately heated for the colder months. If you don’t carefully plan your heating requirements for this room, you are not going to want to sit in it during nine months of the year, which defeats the purpose of having a conservatory.

You also need to consider the lighting in the conservatory. You shouldn’t really need lights, as the glass should bring all of the natural light you need. Of course, you may want to sit in your conservatory in the evening, though, and in this case, dimmer lights are ideal so you can adjust them to the right level.

We would also recommend using greenery thoughtfully in your conservatory too. This is a great way of ensuring there is a blend from the outside world to the inside world. Look for foliage and plants such as orchids, kitchen herbs, cacti, and succulents.

Finally, material choice matters. Opt for something that is going to blend in naturally with your garden surroundings. This is why oak is such a good choice. Wood is a rustic and traditional material that is very much at one with nature, helping to create a great inside outside living space.

To conclude, there is no denying the fact that conservatories can act as a perfect bridge between the outside world and indoor living. In the UK, we are not blessed with the ability to sit outside all year round. However, with a carefully designed conservatory, it can really feel like you have this option. This highlights why it is so important to choose a company with care. Make sure they have the right experience and take a look at their portfolio to see the conservatories that they have designed thus far.