image of Essex conservatory

Considering a conservatory? Let us help you decide.

image of Essex conservatory

Are you thinking about building a new conservatory for your home? Well, then you have certainly come to the right place. Adding a conservatory to your property is a fantastic choice. It can provide a place to relax, read a great book and of course, enjoy the sun. But it’s also a big decision and there are actually a few different design options that you can consider. Let’s explore some of the possibilities and determine which could be the right choice for you.


This is the simplest and as such also the most common type of conservatory. Its name is derived from the fact that when you look at the sloped roof, it does appear to be leaning against the property. The square shape is basic and the highest point of the single sloped roof fits squarely against the edge of the property.

This conservatory is ideal if you are on a tight budget because it is the cheapest to install and design.

Repair is Sometimes Preferable to Replacement

Heritage groups often claim that repairing and restoring the windows of listed buildings is sometimes preferable to replacing them. Professionals can help you with the process of restoring your windows and making repairs if they’re needed. The benefit of this is that you retain the original style and authenticity of the windows.

Of course, the other benefit is that the repair work won’t require any planning permission, meaning there’s less for you to worry about. As long as the restoration is faithful to the original style and being carried out by a professional glazier who knows what they’re doing, it should be totally fine.


As you might have guessed by now, the main difference between the different designs is the roof. Here, you have what is typically a double hipped roof. However, it’s worth noting that in some cases there will only be three sloping panels. In this case, the fourth side will be attached to the main property. It’s a historic piece and one that can be as high as your home allows. It will also typically have a complete glass roof.


Gable conservatories provide a stunning aesthetic that you might love as part of your home. With a gable conservatory the roof slopes on both sides. At the doors, there is a triangular shape for the entrance. This can often be decorated with sunburst patterns or something simpler and more minimal. A great benefit of this design is that it does create the illusion of height. This is true even if your conservatory is quite short because the triangular design draws the gaze upwards.

Different shapes

You can also explore different shapes for your conservatory too. There’s the P shape where a lean-to will extend to meet a circular Victorian area. There’s often a curved bay window edge that completes the P shape. This is ideal if you want to make sure that you have a greater level of space in your conservatory and provides a unique aesthetic as well.

Then there are T or L shaped conservatories. These are formed by joining two conservatories that are square-shaped together. For instance, if you have a rectangular-shaped conservatory and then another square shape through the middle, this creates the T design. A great benefit here is that you can get a large area that uses the available space efficiently.

We hope this helps you select the right design option for you. Remember, beyond the overall design, you should think about the size of the conservatory and the materials you want to use. This will impact the cost as well as the different benefits that this room will provide. Take a look here for our full range of conservatories.