dining room in the conservatory

Conservatory Windows

dining room in the conservatory

One of the reasons people choose a conservatory is to let in as much light as possible to create that inside outside feeling. That is why the type of conservatory windows you have is so important. You of course want to let the light in, but what you don’t want is to let the heat out either.

Castle Glass provides well-constructed glass and sealants to create these conservatory windows. We also offer double glazing services for conservatory windows, which entail the use of two panes of glass sandwiching argon or similar insulating gases, making an excellent form of insulation, allowing heat to be kept in the conservatory while taking advantage of every bright and sunny day.

If you get the windows right then you should have an additional room in your home that you can use all year round should you so choose. Conservatories aren’t just for summer days, if they are heated and insulated properly you can use them the whole year, maybe you want a playroom for the children or a dining room where you can enjoy the garden whilst you eat. Whatever it’s use, having the right components can make all the difference.

Apart from conservatory windows, you will also need a sturdy frame, sealed properly against the weather to keep heat from leaking and rain from getting in. A contrast in temperature on cold days can create condensation on the conservatory windows if it is not installed properly. Castle Glass has experience both in constructing conservatories and in acting as suppliers for replacement conservatory windows and sealants on existing conservatories.