condensation on a window

Condensation Issues and How to Resolve them

condensation on a window

If you wake up in the morning to condensation and the inside of your windows are wet or misted up then you might start worrying. First thoughts are often around having a damp problem in your home, or the fact that your windows might be failing.

Fortunately, it isn’t always such an expensive issue and could be relatively easy to resolve. The trick, is working out what is causing the condensation in the first place.

Problems with Ventilation

The biggest cause of condensation is a lack of good ventilation. Water enters the air throughout the day through everyday activity such as cooking, showering and even just your breath. Many newer windows come with trickle vents that help to alleviate these issues, but if you have older windows then you may not have them.

Keeping a window open in your bedroom overnight and bathroom and kitchen windows open when in use are the easiest ways to resolve these kinds of problems. If left, then you could end up with a mould problem. There’s no need to worry either, it’s no more expensive for a radiator to heat cold air entering your home than it is to keep warm air to temperature.

Appliance Usage and Placement

Many every day appliances in your home can cause condensation, it might seem obvious but with just a few adjustments to how and where you use various appliances you can make big improvements in the levels of condensation.

For example, anything that gives off steam such as a kettle or iron should be kept away from windows and doors. Whilst it won’t stop moisture entering the atmosphere, it will help stop water gathering on your windows and of course, always keep a window or external door open.

Your tumble drier is a big culprit and that’s why it’s so important for the drier hose to be directed well outside your property. It’s job is of course to remove the moisture from your clothes and so this has to go somewhere. Whatever you do, don’t leave it to exit the drier inside your home, you could end up with big problems with condensation and mould, especially when used on a regular basis.

Windows Failing

Unfortunately, it can also be a sign that your windows are failing. Especially if it’s just one window or pane that has an issue. Your best option in this case is to consult with a window expert. They will be able to advise whether you can simply replace the one causing a problem, or whether it’s time to replace all of your windows.

If your windows are very old then it is likely you will need to replace them all. But if it is just a rogue pane of glass then any good window company will be able to simply replace the culprit. Don’t forget, that and reputable window company would have sold the originals with a guarantee so it may be that any failed pane is covered.