Christmas Window Display

Christmas Window Displays

Christmas Window Display

Christmas window displays are a great way to make your home look cosy and festive from the outside, whether it’s to make your home look more inviting for guests or just to get yourself in the Christmas spirit when you come home each day. There are so many different ways you can decorate your windows and make them look Christmassy, and it’s something fun to do with your children in the holidays. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Snowflake Stencils

You can buy snow spray that is specially made for using on windows (so you can easily remove it when the festive season is over). Rather than just spraying it on try making your own snowflake ‘stencils’ to make it look more interesting. You probably remember making snowflakes from paper at school, so it’s something you can get your children involved in too.

Take a circular piece of paper and fold it into eighths. You can then snip small shapes from the folded sides as well as the rounded side and when you open it up it will look like a snowflake. Iron it flat and you can then use it as a stencil when applying the snow spray. Try making a few different sizes and style to mix it up.

Christmas Baubles

Christmas decorations aren’t just for the tree – you can make a lovely window display by hanging them on longer pieces of string from a curtain pole. Use different lengths of string so that the baubles hang at a variety of heights. You can also do the same thing with candy canes.

Stained Glass Effect

For a temporary stained glass effect, buy some sheets of clear film from a stationery shop – the type that is used as a clear cover when binding documents works well. You can then decorate these as stained glass and stick them onto your windows. You can either buy a stained glass craft kit or use black acrylic paint and fill the design in with permanent markers or whiteboard pens.

Cotton Wool Snow Hangings

Try ‘sewing’ cotton wool balls onto several lengths of white or clear thread with roughly 5-10cm between each ball. You can then hang the threads from a curtain pole for a snowy effect. Experiment with random spacing between the cotton wool balls for different effects.

Sprayed Twigs

Another idea is to spray bunches of twigs or grasses with white, silver or gold paint and arrange them in vases or jam jars along a window sill for a pretty display. Adding twinkly lighting along the bottom will make it look even more Christmassy and cosy.

Christmas is such a lovely time to walk along the streets and see all the different festive displays everyone has put up. Your windows are often the first glimpse visitors have of your home, so making an effort to decorate them at this time of year will not only make your home seem especially cheerful and welcoming to those outside, but will also make you smile every time you come home.