Choosing Windows for your Essex Home

Replacing the windows in a home can be the best way to ensure that the house remains warm and dry. Old window frames, particularly those made of wood can deteriorate over time. In many cases, the old frame can become affected by mould and damp, and this can result in the windows becoming unstable.

Protecting the home by installing new windows is the best way to ensure that the house remains safe and resistant to the worst of the British weather. Windows can be as affected by bad weather as the rest of the house, and sudden changes in temperature can warp materials. In order to prevent these kinds of accidents, it is important to consider installing hard-wearing windows in Essex in order to minimise problems.

Timber windows used to be the most common type of windows in Essex, and they have now started to revive, particularly in older houses where timber windows can enhance original features. They are perfect for modern traditional homes, period houses, and for those who want to look at beautifully crafted frames. However, they do require a lot of maintenance, which can be costly.

Aluminum windows are fast becoming a favourite of homeowners because they are attractive and almost completely maintenance free. They can help to reduce noise levels, particularly important for windows in Essex where traffic is heavy. They can also be important for security minded homeowners who want strong windows with a variety of locking options.
PVC, or PVCu, windows are a very popular choice for windows in Essex, as they are attractive, good at preventing heat from escaping through the frame, and can help in noise reduction. They are also popular due to their stability, as they will not warp or swell, and will not rust or become corroded.