Choosing the Right Doors for Your Home

Whether you’re talking about interior doors or exterior doors – choosing the right doors for your home can make an enormous difference to its appearance. There are a surprising number of choices of door available which you probably won’t realize until you go on a door shopping mission.

So what sorts of things should you take into account when selecting your new doors?

Wood – naturally! Wood makes every door unique and gives it a natural character and charm but there are lots of types of wood to choose from. All wooden doors are fine – pine, oak . . . Although there are some alternative door materials nothing man-made can actually match the natural warmth of wood.

When you choose new doors for your home you must take into account the style of door which will actually suit your house. Dark corridors and rooms may benefit from a door with an integral glass panel – do make sure that any glazed doors are fitted with toughened safety glass. Modern styles suit modern houses and furnishings, traditional types of doors are suitable for older traditional houses with more traditional types of furniture.

It’s always a good idea to decide upon the budget you have for your new doors before you go shopping, especially if you are re-fitting a number of doors in your home. All the doors supplied by Castle Glass come with an outer frame so make sure you get an expert around to fit and supply you with the right sized door for your home.