Double glazed windows

Are your windows ready for winter?

Double glazed windows

There are plenty of ways heat escapes your home or the cold finds its way inside in the winter. One of the main culprits of cold drafts are the windows. If the windows are not of a high quality, if they have not been sealed properly or if they were not installed well then there can be serious issues when it comes to keeping your home warm. Here are some of the things that you should consider making sure your windows are ready for the cold.

The Best Windows

One of the most ideal things you can do to ensure that your windows are ready for the harsh winter weather is to buy higher quality windows in the first place. Double and triple glazed windows are the most effective in terms of combating the effects of winter. When these windows are installed by the professionals, they will keep the cold out, and save you money but keeping the heat inside your home.


Sealing a window with rubber weather agents can ensure that all of the cracks and gaps around the window are filled. This is an inexpensive and highly effective way to ensure the window is ready for the cold.

Shades and Curtains

Cellular shades can help to insulate windows while curtains help to reduce any cold drafts of air that may seep through. Each of these options can be easily implemented without outside assistance.

Draft Snakes

If the window does not sit perfectly in its grooves then the bottom may not seal properly even when the window is shut. Draft snakes are tubes of fabric that can be placed at the bottom of a window on the sill in order to reduce the flow of air with a bulky obstacle.

Insulation Film

Insulation film is essentially what it sounds like. This is usually sold in kits and is used to seal the entirety of a window. This is an effective and cheap way to ensure no cold air will make its way into your home while also creating an interesting effect on the window.