Kitchen Splashback

About Toughened Glass for Splashbacks

Kitchen Splashback

Toughened glass, otherwise known as tempered glass, is up to five times stronger than its competitors which are not tempered. By taking annealed glass to over six-hundred degrees Celsius, the toughening process makes a glass that will not crack under the heat of your kitchen.
We provide only the highest-quality toughened Splashbacks, in shapes to fit any kitchen space, and colours to match any décor. We have years of experience in manufacturing toughened glass, and we can assure you that our products will stand the test of time!

So, if you are looking at installing a Splashback, it might be time that you looked into our range of toughened glass, the advantages over tiling or plastering are nigh on endless.

Made to Fit

Since toughened glass cannot be cut after it has been through the tempering process, your Splashback will be made exactly to your specifications. This means that every single one that we produce is tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual customer, you will be getting a one-of-a-kind, made especially for your home!

Fixed into Position Easily

These products can be fitted in two different ways: via screws or adhesive.

Should screws be required, holes will be drilled into the glass before it goes through the tempering process, after all, once the glass is toughened, it’d be close to impossible to drill holes into! Since your measurements and drill-holes are already accounted for, once your Splashback arrives, it is just a simple case of fixing it in place using appropriate screws!

Alternatively, strong building adhesives can be used, and the process could not be simpler! An appropriate amount of adhesive applied to the backside of the item is more than enough to fix it into place, it is then a simple case of ensuring that the product stays in place as the adhesive dries.

Heat Resistant

Thanks to the extreme heat endured by the glass as it is toughened, it is close to impossible for them to crack from the heat of a hob, one of the biggest risks facing kitchens that use non-toughened glass.

Ease of Cleaning

Unlike tiles, which have the difficulty of grime build-up occurring on the grout between them, splashbacks are simple to clean. The smooth, waterproof surface means that a damp cloth is all that is needed to make it as good as new!

Tough, but Flexible

Although they are traditionally placed behind hobs and other heat sources, the possibilities are endless.

Cooking equipment, sinks, above worktop. Your only limitation is your imagination. There are plenty of stylish, modern interior designs which involve using toughened glass Splashbacks as an alternative to traditional kitchen wall fittings such as tiles; some designs go as far as back lighting coloured glass Splashbacks!

Could Your Kitchen Use a Toughened Glass Splashback?

There are plenty of reasons for choosing one, including they make keeping your kitchen clean and tidy easier, plus they provide additional safety with their shatterproof glass.

When you choose Castle Glass, you know that you are getting the best service and a product of the highest quality!