Child looking through window

7 Things about Tilt Turn Windows you were not aware of

Child looking through window

Want to create interest in your property by adding an innovative design to your windows? You may benefit from using tilt and turn windows. If you have never heard of these types of windows before, then you may want to know more before you commit. A few facts about tilt turn windows could also help you to make your choice.

Tilt and turn windows can do exactly that

Unlike most windows, which have a limited range of opening and closing possibilities, with these windows you can both open it from the side, as usual, or tilt it inwards at the top.

Tilt and turn windows are popular on the continent

Overseas, many communities have found tilt and turn windows to be the best solution to the problem of ventilating a room.

They offer excellent security features

Being able to open the window by tilting it open allows you to ventilate the room, but makes it harder for intruders to gain access.

They are child-friendly

Traditional UK windows do pose some falling risk to children, and tilt and turn windows may be a preferable choice during hotter weather.

They prevent excessive opening

Limiter systems prevent the windows from opening up too much, so you don’t have to struggle to close them again.

They are easy to clean

Normally, tilt windows are hard to clean, because you cannot reach to the outer side through the gap in the window. However, tilt and turn windows allow you to simply open them from the side, creating easy access to the front of the glass.

The handle is vital

Being able to control the opening of the window has to be done through the handle. A single twist allows you to open it inwards, while a full half-turn will allow you to completely open the window at the side.