Benefits of uPVC Windows and Doors

PVCu windows and doors are made from a special type of vinyl and have become a very popular option. It is used regularly for both new builds and windows and doors replacement, with many people turning to uPVC for their windows and doors, Essex homeowners being no exception, either as an upgrade or to save energy.

So, what is so special about this vinyl? Why is it quickly becoming the preferred option over standard wooden doors and window frames or the metal frames and doors that have been used for far longer? There are many benefits of PVCu windows and doors that make them much smarter choices for any home.

uPVC windows and doors are highly durable

Durability is what many homeowners love about uPVC.

  • Wooden window frames can start to rot and deteriorate with time, which is why so many older wooden windows are now being replaced with frames made out of PVCu.
  • Metal has its problems that must be maintained over time as well, such as trying to prevent rust.
  • You don’t have these problems with PVCu windows and doors.

This vinyl material is extremely durable even when exposed to the outdoor elements of our rainy Essex environment. You don’t have to worry about the quality or appearance of this material rotting away with time as it is extremely durable.

This means that with uPVC windows Essex homeowners can enjoy them for many years without needing to replace them. You could pass your house down to the next generation knowing they are getting high quality windows and doors that will last.

uPVC windows and doors are low maintenance

As well as lasting for many years, your u PVC windows and doors will not give you extra chores to do as they are extremely low maintenance. You can almost install them and forget about them. From time to time you may want to clean them off with a wet rag and perhaps some gentle soap, but otherwise this is a material that won’t require a lot of upkeep and work.

uPVC windows and doors offer variety

PVCu may have been limited to white years in the past, but it is now available in a wide array of colours. Many people still go with white since it looks very unassuming in windows and doesn’t grab attention away from the décor inside the home, but for those who want a specific colour to complete the desired look of their home, PVC windows and doors come in a variety of colours. Particularly for uPVC doors, Essex homeowners may want to go with a more colourful option to add character to their house.

uPVC windows and doors give added insulation

Upvc windows and doors

When you get your energy bill this is the benefit that you are going to appreciate the most. uPVC windows and doors are great at keeping out the cold, and you know we get plenty of that here in Essex! You won’t walk by your door and feel a cold draft and you can put your bed right by the window and freeze at night.

PVCu window frames can guard against the cold, moist outdoor environment even more if they are complemented with double glazed glass. This combination is a proven winner when it comes to locking out the cold drafts and keeping your home warm, cosy and dry.

With Essex residents wanting carefree maintenance, long lifespan and energy efficiency for their homes, it should be quite clear now why PVC windows and doors have become so popular in the market today.

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